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Upon leaving a Rosh HaShanah observance on Monday, I was given a book by Don Goldstein entitled “I have a Friend Who’s Jewish, Do You?”  This is a fascinating little book and can be obtained at http://www.prophecyrevealed.com/friendbook.htm.  I was especially amazed when I read the section about the natural disasters that occurred in the United States at the various times our country tried to force Israel to give up part of their land.

One particular occurrence involved Hurricane Katrina.  Under President George W. Bush, Jr., the United States became involved in a land for peace deal during the Israel-Palestinian conflict in 2001.  Between August 17-23, 2005, Israel conducted its disengagement evacuation and eviction of 9,000 Jews from the Gaza Strip, creating the largest eviction of Jews in Israel’s history. 

The same day this eviction ended, Tropical Depression 12 quickly turned into Hurricane Katrina, causing massive devastation to the Gulf Coast.  This resulted in America’s largest natural disaster and displacement of approximately one million Americans.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!

As I watched the news concerning the massive immigration of Syrians into Europe, I thought about what I had read.  European governments and the United States were so eager to make an agreement with Iran, in part for economic reasons.  It is my understanding that some leaders have already visited Iran to discuss trade.

As these governments are looking for economic prosperity due to markets opening up for them in Iran, G-d has other plans.  Isn’t it ironic to see that very shortly after this Iranian agreement was approved, thousands upon thousands of immigrants are headed to Europe?  The monetary advantage these countries thought they would benefit from will be totally destroyed when they have to care for these people.  In addition, these countries’ cultures will be turned upside down as the immigrants bring in their distinct way of life and beliefs.

As much as man has tried, he cannot harm G-d’s people, Israel, and get away with it.  Neither can he make friends with Israel’s enemies and not suffer the consequences.


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